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Welcome to the Super Awesome world! I is a precious girl. Make me comfortable with you and you will treaten the same. Let me know if you love me xoxo PMR victims.Sweetheart mine. Done read, Done to keep secret. Do you ?

: Afif Izzati, 20 Disember 1998, Islam.
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Little Things
written on Friday, 23 August 2013 @ 17:16 ✈

Hye readers and Assalamualaikum for Muslim. I had just done for my trial pmr. Huhh, it was extremely difficult. My result ? errr hm quiet bad. But actually today I will talk about the memorable things to me! Hehe. Just forget for a while about this trial which is killing me! Haha. About what ? For who ? Hm let we guess together  *thinking :p its actually about my handsome little cute boy! Horayyyyy hihi *so excited!! We actually had celebrate our anniversary on 18 August. Yeah, even we are not contact each other on that day, but our heart still keep on our loves. *romantic enough?! Hahahahaha. Yet, I still online my twitter and replied his dm with all about miss, miss and miss. What a pity life ? Hmm. I think it was also a happy day for me! Because? Of course because I get present from him :)) hihi. Thank you so much my dear. I really appericiate the things who give to me. I don’t care and I don’t mind with the price, brand or what. I just glad with what people give me. Same goes to him. I really appericiate with the things he gave me. I will take care of it. He is so romantic when he made a blog and there is a post that describing about me! Whoaaa so proud. Hahahaha. All the things that he wrote make me melting *ouch hahahaha me so gediks . I just can’t stop reading it. I read  many times. Again and again. It was so touched me. Hihi. I always smile when I read it, it make me laughs too! Need to pen-off now. Will update my new post :) Thank you for reading.  Love you my sweetheart :)

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