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bonjour ~

Welcome to the Super Awesome world! I is a precious girl. Make me comfortable with you and you will treaten the same. Let me know if you love me xoxo PMR victims.Sweetheart mine. Done read, Done to keep secret. Do you ?

: Afif Izzati, 20 Disember 1998, Islam.
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Love Means
written on Sunday, 26 May 2013 @ 23:57 ✈


Hye bloggers! Long time not to post something. Hehe, actually I was to busy preparing 
my pmr. Ughh! so stressful you know? So, today I just wants to share
to my bloggers that now I has a better life which has someone who cares 
and loves me. Hihi, Yeahh, even sometimes I kept thinking about my late crush but still
I loves my sweetheart now. You know what he meant to me? It just a great 
miracle that occurs in my life. Thanks to God. Even we had a lot of 
conjecture but we still each together by myside. He listens to my problems
and always gives me some advices just to be strong. 
Hope our relay will be forever and till jannah. 
Me loveyou Akif :) 


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