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Welcome to the Super Awesome world! I is a precious girl. Make me comfortable with you and you will treaten the same. Let me know if you love me xoxo PMR victims.Sweetheart mine. Done read, Done to keep secret. Do you ?

: Afif Izzati, 20 Disember 1998, Islam.
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written on Friday, 14 June 2013 @ 01:22 ✈


Hye and Assalamualaikum to muslim readers. How I am glad today to post
something. Hmmm a really worst even bad day in my life had happen to me. Want to know
what? Hmmmmmmm so fucking tired of crying and all the pains. I am sick for that .Too
sickkkkkk. Why I just cant forget the past ? Why must I  hurts person who loves me
very much ?Why must I always make him down when he even always take care of my heart?
Whyyy and whyy? Hmmmm I dont know what to do now . How could I through all
this aloneee. I need my new life with new hopes and new motivation.
I need him my akif, I need all his advices. I just can forget all the things that happened
to us. Please dearself move on likes nothing happened and please forget all the stupid feelings ever!!
Tt doesnt work at all. Hmmmmmm yeahhh need my akif now yes nowwwww pleaseeee!
Just he can make me feels better and just he can listens to my problem.
I miss you akif yess a lot :'(
If I could see you the first thing that I would say is I just need your apology, dear yesss
that what I need from you sweetheart. I know you are the best things that had happened in my
life, no one can replace you even sometimes you always argue with me. Yeahhh with my past
story you always get mad and I know that is my fault but please stop said that I still has feelings on my
late crush. Please stop get mad of me when I just cant control myself when I miss him, I just cant but
you know I always tried my best yeahh even I am crying now because of your selfish please
understand that this is not easy. If I could change everythings then, I will be the person who is
willing to do that. You dont know how much I force myself to stop thinks about him but please give me
times to realize that I have you akif.
Stop asking why I still do that and that when I has no answer for all those question. Seriously!
If I has the answer when I am too hard to forget all the things I will tell you but
there is no answer. I kept telling myself that you are worth for me even sometimes we always
get fight because all the little things. I am sorry for all my faults from head to toe dear :(
Always loves you more day by day  


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