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Welcome to the Super Awesome world! I is a precious girl. Make me comfortable with you and you will treaten the same. Let me know if you love me xoxo PMR victims.Sweetheart mine. Done read, Done to keep secret. Do you ?

: Afif Izzati, 20 Disember 1998, Islam.
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written on Monday, 27 May 2013 @ 00:08 ✈


Assalamualaikum and hye bloggers! So, how's your day ? I also hope my readers
are in the pink! Hm, long time not to remember the things which is pain enough untill
I met my sweetheart. He makes my day, he gives me the strength, he asks me about 
life means. You know what? Even at the first I really can't stay with this
relationship. Not, I means I afraid because this is the first time after everything happened and
no ones know how can I been this strong. But, its fine. Game over :P
Now, I deeply know him the man who always with me even sometimes I cried because
of himm :'/ yeahh, but I just kept telling myself that he is worth to me. So, let me
feel the pain alone. I miss you and I love you sweetheart no matter what
my friends told me about you. Just now and forever only you in
my heart untill my last breath. InsyaAllah :) 


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