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bonjour ~

Welcome to the Super Awesome world! I is a precious girl. Make me comfortable with you and you will treaten the same. Let me know if you love me xoxo PMR victims.Sweetheart mine. Done read, Done to keep secret. Do you ?

: Afif Izzati, 20 Disember 1998, Islam.
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recent update :
Holiday Coming !
written on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 @ 21:02 ✈


Hyee and Assalamualaikum readers! How's your holiday ?
It is fine ? Whuuu. So bored this holiday because I just spend my
holiday time at additional class at school. Damn bored, but it's quiet 
goods for me too! So, now I at my peace hometown which is in Alor Setar, Kedah. Hihi,
the second week's of holiday I will go for a holidayyyy! Hooraaayy! Wants to know where?
em its secret. Wait for me to update my pictures at my twitter okay ? In addition, let's
fill up our holiday with benefits. Make your holiday useful okay, my readers. 
Oppss, I should to pen-off now. Hope my readers enjoy reading my post. 
Have a great holiday !  


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